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Louvat Bros. in Oklahoma !

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What a pleasure to go back in Guthrie – Oklahoma U.S. for the 5th time ! We were so glad to meet again our dear friend Byron Berline as well as all the wonderful team organizing this beautiful festival – October 5-7, 2017 – this, exactly 20 years after playing there for the first time. It was also very touching the meet people following us there for so many years. Merci Byron !

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                     Fiddle & Banjo workshop

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Jamming with Byron Berline @ his Double Stop Fiddle Shop

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The beautiful town of Guthrie – Oklahoma !

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Meeting our dear ol friends

Here with Byron                                  With Dennis & Sally

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Andrew Colins & Jeff Cardey                          Here with Jonathan Hunt and John Hickman !

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Playing at the elementary school is always fun – they’re very awake in the early morning !

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Walking through the camp around

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IMG_5408 - copie BBQ !

The last jam – here with Andrew Colins, Byron Berline, Andrew Hunt and Sierra Hull – a short video here:

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Waiting our plan in Dallas to go back !

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