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Louvat Bros. @ Banjo Jamboree in Tcheque Rep. 2013 – Lee Bidgood

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We had a wonderful time at banjo jamboree 2013 a really great festival in Czech Republic. We meet there Lee Bidgood, an american musicologist who was making a film about bluegrass. Check his website . Beside drinking together some local alcohool, and sharing some infos about « viole de gambe », he did a great workshop about fiddeling and wrote a nice revieuw about our concert :

« The Louvat Brothers were amazing! Saturday morning I woke to the mandolin player Jefferson cracking his case and doing all sorts of scales. Then his brother (in the next room) had his metronome going to steady his banjo rolls. The bassist plays metal, jazz, and grass. In addition to being REALLY nice guys, they are serious players! Enjoyed their set, which mixed trad and progressive sounds with a lot of skilful, imaginative, and thoughtful playing. »

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