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With the Anima Eterna Orchestra !

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I had the opportunity to play with a philharmonic orchestra Febr. 26 – March 5 2017 – what an amazing experience ! Here with Anima Eterna from Brugge – I was asked to play the banjo on two famous Gershwin tunes: Porgy sings and Rhapsody in blue. Playing with so[…]

Louvat Bros. in India !

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What an amazing tour we had over Mumbai, Calcutta and New Delhi ! Febr. 24 to Dec 12 2016 – We had the pleasure to play on some great festivals there and to collaborate with wonderful Indian musicians. A very touching human and musical experience !            

Steve endorses Nechville Banjos !

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Very glad to introduce here with this video my new 5 string banjo made by Tom Nechville: the Zeus model ! A super tone for a special breakdown I wrote ( appearing on our Louvat Bros. « Contrastes » album – 2014 ). Enjoy & feel free to share !   (Thanks[…]

Louvat Bros. in Louisiana !

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Greetings from Lafayette ! It was wonderful to play in the beautiful state of Louisiana. October 13 – 19, 2015. Louvat Bros. was invited there with the team of N.E.W.  which represents the town of Namur outside Belgium. Namur being a twin city of Lafayette. Among others, we taught a workshop[…]