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Groupe pour site copieMusic is my passion and I love to share it while I play in concert, but also when I can transmit it while teaching.


Courses are collective or individual. The appointments are generally booked one at a time at the end of each course or simply by mail as to suit everybody’s agenda. Being for an exceptional « quick help » or for a long term development, I always suggest a personal and focussed program which depends on the demand.

There is absolutely no obligation concerning the number of courses to be taken, their regularity or their duration ! We set up together the courses agenda « à la carte », it all depends on what you expect.

However : please come motivated, with a guitar or a banjo, with a good knowledge of the basic chords and with precise questions !

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information: info@stevelouvat.com 
Subject : guitar or banjo lesson


1) Trainings organized by Steve Louvat.

Today available  :

The finger picking guitar ( taught by Steve Louvat )

The 5 string banjo ( as above  )

The american mandolin ( taught by Jefferson Louvat )

The flatt picking guitar ( as above  )

DSC06434 copieLevels  : beginner – runners – advanced.

It generally happens during a week-end.

We ask you to bring your instrument of course, a good knowledge of the basic chords as well as a large dose of humor ! Even if a training program has been prepared in advance and already distributed to the participants, we still stay available for any customized request. .

DSC06429 copieWhen a training has been programmed, a notice is sent to the website members in priority.

Next training: http://www.lesroses.be/stage-de-guitare.htm

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information : info@stevelouvat.com 

Subject : Steve’s trainings

010520128062) Trainings organized by someone else .

I am also available to teach trainings organized by another entity in Belgium or outside.

If you are an organizer interested in my services, please contact me at the following address : info@stevelouvat.com

Subject : external training

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